March was a spectacular time for the brand. As winter came to an end during the month, the cold weather throughout the country persisted heavily and our crewnecks and hoodies quickly picked up momentum. Those that were still looking for a fashionable statement to close out the season made those statements with us.

Our most popular winter apparel was our Blurred Since Forever hoodie. If you don't have one for yourself, a few remain, and we encourage you to purchase one because once they're gone, that's it.

Also, during the past month, we had a chance to partner with and host a barber convention show at the Paris Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. This allowed many in the community to network and compete against one another for the bragging rights of who was best in the city. The OBS crew was well represented by our licensed professionals and many of our students who participated in different competitions, allowing them to show off their skills. It was an honor to bring a show to the city, and this is only the beginning. We strive to encourage growth, inspire others, and help you find that Original you, from lifestyle clothing to a crisp cut.

As we look ahead, we are excited for the spring and summer months. This season, we are here to give out flowers to those of you who embody the OBS way, and that's a person who is determined to be the best version of themselves, not discouraged easily, and sure enough to know that someone's success is not limiting yours, but instead fueling yours to come.

We encourage you not to let up, but to keep going. We will check back in with you next month and keep an eye out for upcoming designs. Some will provide a road map, and others will be bright but always with meaning.