What’s up, everyone?

A month into the year, we are making things happen.

This year for us has started with a bang. As we have had the chance to announce a partnership with Dam Nation Collective. Which is a collective group looking to make a significant impact in the lives of student-athletes attending Oregon State University. The participating student athletes will be encouraged to network with stakeholders, business leaders, and fellow entrepreneurs with the intent to help each of them build their prospective brands. As a team here at OBS we are steadfast with our mission helping to inspire, encourage and educate the learners around us given the expertise we as a collective have in education, and style. The partnership not only allows for our apparel to turn the heads of existing supporters but also spread the message of determination and triumph to new customers.

OBS, means so much to so many and it is our hope that as we embark on this journey of growth that our designs inspire. The quality of garments stands the test of time and our words leave a lasting impression, helping to drive the point home without even saying a word.

We look forward to closing at winter stronger than we started and even more excited for the release of S/SS 2023 designs.

Overcoming Challenges on a regular without looking back.

Check back in with you next month.