Over the last several weeks, we have been unrolling our latest drops to set the tempo for a new season, while highlighting inspiration, thought, and art.

To kick off the summer, we only thought it was right to show LOVE. 

The OBS ROSE ⬆️ is designed to be rocked by, or gifted to, those who deserve recognition for all they do. It is simply a design made for you. The flowers may not come in abundance as they should, but the lack thereof will not stop you. The tenacity to grow while showcasing a bloom many didn't expect takes time, but it's truly worth the wait, and we hope you don't lose sight of that. We see your efforts and the grind to root yourself in a new path. May your efforts not be overlooked! 

The VEGAS ROAD MAP ⬆️ is designed to not only highlight the paths most used, which are often the paths of the least resistance, but also show the roads less traveled.

Goals and dreams often are shared with like-minded people who are typically separated by distance more than thoughts. Each route provides a perspective on how to get where you are going.

To peel the layer of design back another notch, this is a transit map of the Las Vegas area, which is our way of continuing to represent the city where we were founded, and will be rooted for generations to come.

Each day we ask ourselves the tricky questions. Can we do something even better without treading on one's individuality? Can we simultaneously lead a new front? That's where leadership styles come into play. Influential leaders understand this dilemma, where sometimes action isn't enough, and dialogue is needed to drive home a point. At other times, a heroic display of will causes others to believe what seems impossible.

As summer approaches, OG colorways of our brand staples will make their reappearance.

The Original Script in white and black, black and white, along with new colorways to set your shoe collection off with a simple message: the Original Brand and Style is here to certify the look.

You are Original, all your own.